• I Have the POWER!

    So carping about the titles they haven’t porting over has borne great fruit. And no, that doesn’t mean Legend of Dragoon is coming. Sorry Legend of Dragoon. Instead, we’re getting not one but two of the Front Missions! Front Mission 1st and Front Mission 2 are coming sometime this year. With luck they’ll do well […]

  • A Little Light Reading Before Lights Out

    I came across this little gem of a comic today and wanted to get a link to it before I forgot. The first version I read was cut down a bit; this is the full version. Very well done, though perhaps a bit predictable. I might have ended it differently myself, but perhaps not better. […]

  • Well That Was Some Unexpected Video Game News

    Shadow Madness was an early PlayStation One title, made to cash in on the popularity of a little known work going by the name of Final Fantasy 7. As I recall it, it wasn’t too terrible of a game. I finished it. More than I could say for other titles (Hello, Legend of Dragoon, how […]

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